Colin Bailey's

Bass Drum Technique DVD

Colin’s DVD, Bass Drum Technique, offers drummers the great opportunity to watch Colin demonstrate his bass drum technique as he takes you through the exercises already made famous by his book, Bass Drum Control. Bass Drum Technique, was voted Number 2 in the Modern Drummer readers poll in the Educational DVD category.

Special Features:

  • Colin performs with his trio. John Chiodini on guitar and Jim Hughart on bass
  • One on One Drum Channel Interview
  • DC DVD Trailers
  • Downloadable e-book

Link to videos of The Colin Trio, with John Chiodini on guitar and Jim Hughart on bass from Bass Drum Technique.

Video 1

Video 2

“Colin Bailey has the best bass drum foot in drumming, and he possesses the best understanding of how to teach the art of playing the bass drum. Colin has the keys to the kingdom as well as Pandora’s Box when it comes to unleasing the power, speed and control of the bass drum-playing foot. His book is one of the best drum set books ever written and is a classic… I use it with all of my students at USC. Every drummer can benefit from his knowledge and his method. He has my highest admiration.”
—Peter Erskine

“I used Colin Bailey’s Bass Drum Control book to develop my SINGLE bass drum playing and DOUBLE bass drum playing. I had the good fortune to get together with Colin and have him show me some of his insights into bass drum pedal technique and found it to be very useful.”
—Steve Smith

“He’s depressing…The foot pedal faster than anyone else!”
— Terry Bozzio

“I HIGHLY recommend this DVD to ANYONE serious about bass drum technique. I had first hand experience as Colin took me through his great book years ago as his student!”
—Gregg Bissonette

“A MASTERCLASS IN A BOX! This is a lovely DVD, giving us the chance to see, up close, Colin Bailey demonstrate the exercises from his much acclaimed Bass Drum Technique book. Anyone interested in moving their bass drum playing up a gear should get this, in fact anyone learning the drums at all should have a copy! Colin’s thoughts on ‘heel down and heel up’ are the ideal starting point for any student. There’s loads of good tips as well as all the lessons, Colin’s presenting style is relaxed and good humoured (there’s no cringeworthy ‘scripting’), and of course, he shows off his technique brilliantly! Don Lombardi, who makes intelligent interjections throughout, hosts the programme. The whole vibe is a relaxed masterclass, lots to learn and all presented in a clear and calm manner. Also, Colin’s playing, as part of a Jazz trio at the end, is superb!”
 Colin Woolway